*** Please Read ***

         Pre-registration will be at Tabroom Online, due by 9:00 pm on the Thursday prior to the tournament. No additions are allowed after this point. (The chief reasons for this are that we need to assign and sort out rooms and organize the amount of food necessary).

         Note that no students will be allowed to enter the tournament without adult supervision. College students are NOT considered adults for this purpose unless they are employees of the school they are representing, i.e., official assistant coaches. The NYCFL will not take responsibility for unaccompanied minors.

         Because kids get sick, and things come up, tabroom will remain open for changes and drops (but not additions) until 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the tournament. No changes of any sort will be taken at the registration table. All changes must be entered directly into tabroom. (If there is no wireless available in a school, this can be done via smartphone or 3GS device.)

         If you are coming from some distance on a bus, you can make your changes en route. If you are meeting at the school at a city event, plan on doing so well in advance of the 9:00 deadline. Students "on their way (maybe)" do not count as entries. The idea that round one is the taking of attendance penalizes the students who are there on time and wish to debate and learn.

         At some point before 9:00, a coach or responsible adult will come to the registration desk and report that their registration is final. At 9:00, any schools that haven't come to the desk will be assumed absent, and their entire entry will be erased from the tournament. If in fact some of these missing folk are around, they can be added for round two with forfeits for round one. This will penalize the students of the school not registered on time rather than the students at the schools that did register on time. Schools en route by bus can text by 9:00 that their entry is set; it is not unreasonable to assume that they could miss the deadline by a few minutes because of traffic, but since they've had all that time on the bus they've had ample opportunity to set things aright on tabroom.com. If you are coming by bus, be sure to find out who is running registration so that you have their cell number for texting!

         All reported changes after 9 are $25 each. All unreported changes (e.g. teams that are registered that don't show up, missing judges) are $50. No teams will be allowed to participate in future events unless the fines are paid to the NYCFL

         Opening assembly should start at 9:30, with rounds immediately following. There will be four rounds at each tournament.

         No students are permitted in the tab room. If a kid has a problem, they tell the coach (or responsible adult), and the coach comes to tab. The reason for this is that students often come to tab with problems not of a tabbish nature, or else are unable to articulate the nature of the problem, or else they do not recognize that other things might be going on in tab that makes them less than the top priority and therefore their experience in the tab room is frustrating both to them and to tab. Adult coaches are able to better communicate issues to tab, and then communicate solutions back to their students. Nevertheless, tab staff will make every effort at the beginning of the tournament to get all the rounds started and to sort out any loose ends in a transparent, open fashion (presumably at the ballot table). This is not a rule to isolate tab from the tournament, but simply an attempt at keeping the communication of problems at the appropriate level.


Dear Moderator,




Before I get to the invitation, I need to make you aware of an upcoming deadline. Our last chance to send in NCFL membership cards is January 1st. I need to submit 26 membership cards from our league or we will not be allowed to enter all of our students into the NCFL tournament in May.


If you have not done so yet, please send in your NCFL membership cards.


1) Mail them to:
Charlie Sloat - Iona Prep - 255 Wilmot Rd - New Rochelle, NY 10804
2) Fax them to:
Charlie Sloat - (914) 632-9760
3) Bring them to Regis on the 19th.


A copy of the membership card is available here.


Most importantly, if YOUR team does not submit a membership card, YOUR school will not be allowed to compete at the Grand Tournament or at NCFL nationals.


This is not a minor bookkeeping issue.



This serves as your invitation to the December 19, 2015 NYCFL Debate and Congress Tournament at Regis High School.

Click Here For Directions



Student Congress House [Unlimited Entry]

Student Congress Senate [Two Senators (Max) Per School]


Intermediate Team Debate

Novice Team Debate


Varsity L-D

Intermediate L-D

Novice L-D


Novice PF

Intermediate PF

Varsity PF


Our goal is to run 3 rounds of debate at all levels, although some divisions may be combined or eliminated based on registration


We will use NFL rules for PF at the tournament.



Connectivity is STRICTLY Prohibited




Policy debate will use the national topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance.


L-D will use the NFL November/ December topic:

Resolved: In the United States criminal justice system, jury nullification ought to be used in the face of perceived injustice.


Public Forum will use the December topic:

Resolved: On balance, standardized testing is beneficial to K-12 education in the United States.





You must pre-register all Debate through TABROOM.com:


Registration for this tournament will be handled through http://www.tabroom.com/.


The pre-registration deadline is Thursday, December 17 at 9:00 PM.

However, decisions on divisions offered will be made on Wednesday.

Please get the bulk of your registration in as quickly as possible.

Only use Thursday to make adjustments and provide all judges




Student Congress must also register through tabroom


REGISTRATION: 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning at Regis



JUDGING REQUIREMENTS: Each school MUST provide its own judges or student entries may be jeopardized.


There are no hired judges available.


In Congress: 1 judge if you are entering contestants in Congress (House).

1 judge if you are entering contestants in Congress (Senate).


In Team Debate: 1 qualified adult for every two VARSITY teams or fraction thereof

1 qualified adult, or varsity debater for every two novice or intermediate teams or fraction thereof.

 High School Students acting as judges must be Varsity Level Debators in at least their Junior Year


In L-D: 1 qualified adult for every four L-D debaters or fraction thereof on the Varsity level

1 qualified adult or Varsity L-D debater for every four Intermediate and Novice L-D debaters or fraction thereof.

 High School Students acting as judges must be Varsity Level Debators in at least their Junior Year


In Public Forum: One adult for every 3 teams (or fraction of 3). Student judges can be used for JV.


JUDGE TRAINING: LD judge training will be available, but all coaches are still responsible for meeting their judging quota with qualified judges.



DEBATE DROPS should be entered directly into TABROOM right through Saturday Morning (See Above)


Drops after the registration deadline of 9 PM on THURSDAY do not alter your judging quota.


Registration fees for drops on the morning of the contest must still be paid.

There are NO ADDS after the pre-registration deadline has passed.


CONTACT INFORMATION: Please use the following Numbers Sparingly


Cell Phone (914) 649-8246 Use if you have trouble getting to the tournament

or last minute drops


FEES: $5 per student from a member school. (Team debate teams count as 2 registrants)

($1 per student goes to the Rev. Gerald R. Rippon, S.J. Memorial Scholarship Fund.)

Please Make the Check Payable to NYCFL.


SWEEPSTAKES: There are no team sweepstakes at this tournament.








They will be posted that on Tuesday afternoon and finalized by Friday December 10th at 9:00am

If you do not submit a bill, your school may not compete.



**** PLEASE NOTE ****








Charles J Sloat

NYCFL President